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Welcome to the one-stop shop for all
Reason Refill Users & REX File Addicts!

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BeatProducer_Logo Web BlackBeat Producer Solo iso
New Release - Virtual Instrument - Click here to find out more
A whole new way to work with Loops - Grab it FREE NOW!

ThumpV1250 ThumpV2250 ThumpV3250
The amazing new Lukecage Trilogy of Thump
in REX and WAV versions for instant download!

Deep Concentration Demo XX In Da Club Demo xx Special Brewed Demo xx
For more demos info or to order go to our REX, Stylus RMX or WAV stores

Hip Hop samples RIP 1 Hip Hop samples RIP 2 Hip Hop samples RIP 3
R.I.P. - Rest In Peace - Lukecage
The final installment of the hip hop saga out now!

Volume 1 XX Volume 2 xx Volume 3 xx
For more demos info or to order visit New REX Libraries

New Test Box in isoOld Test Box in iso
The Dance Bible - Available Now!

New Testament New Testament Demo Old Testament Old Testament Demo

BeatProducer_Logo Web Black
New Release - Virtual Instrument
Edit Apple Loops, REX Files & ACIDized Loops

Talvin Singh's Abracatabla Cover Pascal's Bongo Massive Most Wanted Beats Cover
TOP Class Percussion Libraries from the Pros
All available for instant download!

Abracatabla X - Pascal’s Bongo Massive Vol 1 X - Vol 2 X

Beat Producer in iso
The Perfect REX-Eating Virtual Instrument
Harness the power of REX files outside Reason - also reads ACID and Apple Loops

1313607389_golden star

“Want the ultimate sample library, in a superb host environment at an incredible low price?”
Become a VIP ACCESS-ALL-AREAS Beat Producer User
- almost 13,000 loops and counting - for as little as $150!

Check out Virtual Instruments for full details

Industrial Revolution samples
The INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION begins for just $10
in REX/Apple Loops/WAV multiformat version for instant download!

All 13 Vols out now - Travelogue Demo xx - Fusion Demo xx - Reconnection Demo xx
Outsource Demo xx - Red Machine Demo xx
For more demos info or to order go to our new REX Releases page

Tony Mason…Steamin’
Now available in REX & WAV formats for instant download!
“...this is the best sample CD I've ever heard, buy it and never run out of breakbeats."
- DJ Magazine
Demo Track XXX For more demos info or to order go to our REX or WAV stores

Urban Renewal V1 250 Urban Renewal V2 250 UrbanRenewalV3250
Lukecage’s Urban Twist on Classic Loops
in REX or WAV versions for instant download!

ReCooked Demo XX REMIXed Demo xx Art of the Remix Demo xx
For more demos info or to order go to our REX, Stylus RMX or WAV stores

Kitchen Sink Logo 250 Trademark Hip Hop 250
Three HOT, BRAND NEW releases from LUKECAGE
for instant download!

The Kitchen Sink Demo Loops - Vol 1 XX, Vol 2 XX Trademark Hip Hop Demo Beats XXX
For more demos info or to order go to our REX store

Grungy Beats from back in the day!
They simply don’t make dance samples like this these days

Dance Essentials
Classic Dance Sample Libraries - 5 Star Rated by Sound On Sound
Available in REX format for the first time
SOS 5 star rating

Google Logo
Number One rated Reason ReFill Site!
Get Internationally acclaimed, award winning sounds via instant download
from the pioneers of ReFills & REX Files

FREAK BOX - The superb new dance music library in REX format
for instant download!

Seven Demo Tracks XX - XX - XX - XX - XX - XX - XX Demo Loops XXX
For more info or to order go to our REX store

Black II Black Vols 3&4
Now available in REX & WAV formats for instant download!

Demo Track XXX For more demos info or to order go to our REX or WAV stores

XtremeBDCover250 BigPillCover250
Two more HOT, BRAND NEW releases from LUKECAGE
for instant download!

Xtreme Breakdown Demo Loops - Vol 1 XX, The Big Pill Demo Beats XXX
For more demos info or to order go to our REX or WAV stores

LizardBreaks Box in iso
Simeon’s Brand New Masterpiece!
Immaculately programmed beats - all presented with 5 variations
Yoda Beat Yoda Beat Hinducow HinduCow Bert Beats Bert Beats

cleaning up the streets hip hop 1 samples cleaning up the streets hip hop 2 samples
NEW! Lukecage’s Cleaning up the Streets Vols 1&2
in REX version for instant download!

Volume 1 XX Volume 2 xx
For more demos info or to order go to our new REX Releases page

Prunehead box in iso
Something a bit different from Prunehead...
Chilled out grooves - each presented with Rhodes, Drum and Bass parts in isolation
Guerilla Guerilla Casino Marine Casino Marine Camel Foot Camel Foot Razor Razor Car Chaser Car Chaser

HHBeatboxesBox iso
Hip Hop Beatboxes
- Authentic Grooves & Sounds from the day!

Almost 400 expertly programmed vintage drum boxes with styles ranging from Hip hop, classic R&B,
Latin, Reggae, Swing, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Garage, Ragga and more. All programmed on
real beatboxes,
not samples, and broken down into different parts for the ultimate flexibility.

DustNGrime3D iso
Dust’N’Grime: Future Classic Breaks - Out Now!
70 distinct beats, 278 REX files, each presented in typically 4 versions and supplemented with a full selection of 350 single hits
Some Random Beats from the library Random

MonkeyMan Guitar 3D iso
Prunehead’s Unique MonkeyMan Guitar Library!
Laid back library of superbly performed groove kits featuring Guitar, Bass and Drums parts
Some Random Beats from the library Random

KV1 3D trans
Killer Vocals Vol 1 - Now available in REX & WAV formats
for instant download!

Demo Track, 100% created using vocal samples from the Killer Vocals Series XXX
For more demos info or to order go to our New REX section

Remix! ASK
The legendary REMIX! dance sample library!
Available now in REX format for the first time!
Check out the Remix! Demo Track Demo

Lukecage’s METROPOLIS now available
in REX and WAV (V1 only) versions for instant download!

Vol 1 Demo XX Vol 2 Demo xx Vol 3 Demo xx Vol 4 Demo xx
For more demos info or to order go to our REX, Stylus RMX or WAV stores

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In September 1998 AMG released the World's first REX CD-ROMs. In March 2001 we released two more World firsts - a ReFill for Reason and then a stereo REX2 CD-ROM
We have supported and pioneered the REX format so strongly because we believe it to be hugely powerful and uniquely flexible and therefore represents the ideal vehicle for users to get the most from our unique sample library.
From day one the quality of our REX titles has been instantly apparent to those who have used them however the format initially struggled to gain the widespread adoption it's deserved as it was basically seen as a small feature on Steinberg's Cubase. A powerful secret known to relatively few. That all changed with the release of Propellerhead's amazing Reason software when they first struck out on their own, wider adoption of the REX format by Logic and many more, and the ability to use REX files with ReCycle itself and export them to any of the many platforms that supported made ReCycle and REX a huge hit. It is now the de-facto Industry standard loop format.
We’ve also released our own virtual instrument that’s built upon REX technology and imports REX files too - a simply powerful loop virtual instrument called Beat Producer.
If you’re one of the very few still not using REX files now you haven’t lived. The good news is you can start now, and you’ve found the perfect place to start...

Check out our great new bundle deals and save a bundle!

If you're thinking of grabbing a few ReFills or REX files these specially-created bundles might be up your street. We've put together several for specific music styles, a new release pack and even a pick your own option!

Are you buying a gift for the musician in your life?

Confused? Scared of making a mistake? Want them to have their gift instantly? Don’t panic... We have the perfect solution for you. Simply get them one of our gift coupons and let them choose and instantly download exactly what they want. The perfect solution!


Virtual 'Studios' for Reason
Packed with all the best sounds

Phenomenal Loops
That instantly match the tempo of your track

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